Why fOKS ?

Over two million jobs have been taken outside of large companies and given to small business. The main reason for this is that business strongly prefer the coherent team approach and personalized, friendly atmosphere. This truth has been proven in many large companies who have benefited from our services and will continue to hold true in our future clients. fOKS Art strives to assist big companies and looks forward assisting more companies.


Our intentionally misspelled name reflects the creativity of the team members and their ability to create well thought out, quickly delivered content, similar to the speed and smartness of a fox. Most importantly, the inaccurate spelling shows that not everything is perfect that is why we are always making sure we do our best to ensure that our work is up to date and trendy.


The company is led by CEO Amr Ibraheem, who has received an international award for graphic design. With a talented team of skilled members we have up to ten years of experience in the industry.

Vision and Services

The vision of FOKS is not just to design but to develop, and work directly with the client each step of the way. Our many services include mobile applications, desktop applications, website, game design, branding, info graphic services, photography, stop motion animation and more you can get. We aim to help everyone succeed, with competitive prices and guarantied support until the client is satisfied. The Team Leader prides members on working for clients and sharing ideas with each other as the project progresses. As a team, everyone works very closely alongside one another so that products are created as one man show.

Mission and Strategy

FOKS not only helps with creating the design, or website, or app. we also make sure the final product will be something that will allow our client to be successful. We Do not create a website for the client only, but also study competitors to understand how we could better assist the client we are working for.


Clients love the fact that employees at fOKS often use emoticons in emails. Team members and customers feels that this family-like attitude really helps the person to person relationship come alive, and allows everyone involved to have fun while getting great work done. The friendly, supportive nature of the team has gained trust of big companies in Arab Gulf, and continue to gain more of other companies.

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